/ˈwalbri/ (say 'wahlbree)

1. an Australian Aboriginal people of the north of Central Australia.
2. the language of this people.
3. of or relating to this people or their language.
Also, Warlbiri, Walbiri.
The Warlpiri are desert people, from north-west of Alice Springs. John McDouall Stuart passed through Warlpiri territory in 1862 on his journey across Australia from south to north. This contact was followed, in the last decades of the 19th century, by the incursion of pastoralists looking for land. The 1928 Coniston massacre was a lasting cause of mistrust of white Australians. By the 1950s most Warlpiri were living at Warrabri (now known as Ali-Curung) and Yuendumu. Warlpiri women have an elaborate sign language which they use instead of speaking during periods of mourning, sometimes for as long as a year.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.